Tips for Parenting an Angry Child

Tips for Parenting an Angry Child

We’ve seen a lot of parents wring their hands in desperation because their children are angry and irritated, and they don’t know what to do. The sweet baby they birthed is now an angry little creature who is constantly throwing things, yelling, screaming and pitching fits.

If you have a child who easily gets angry or frustrated, then this blog post is for you. Here are some tips for dealing with an angry child.

Take a break

When emotions get out of control, step back for a few minutes and try to calm down. Stepping back can help stop the progression and allow you to determine what to do next.

Model appropriate expressions of anger

Your child learns from watching you how to handle conflicts and disagreements. You can’t expect him to learn to control himself if you start yelling at him when he’s angry.

It may be difficult to stop yourself from yelling at your child, but you need to remember that you are modelling behavior that your child will certainly copy. Calm responses will help your child control his anger; but if you lash out at him, he may become more enraged.

Kids learn to manage their anger constructively when they live in a home where anger is handled in a healthy way.

Practice empathy

Being angry and feeling unheard causes kids to act out. They do this because they want to get your attention. They want you to listen to them.

Instead of getting frustrated, give your child an opportunity to be heard. Allow them to express their feelings and try not to interrupt them while they’re talking. By empathizing with your child’s feelings, you create space for your child’s anger to dissipate. Plus, they no longer need to use up their energy just to defend the fairness of their position.

Get help

Sometimes, children act in a way that is harmful to themselves or others when anger takes over. If you are worried about the escalating nature of your child’s anger, seek the help of a professional.  Counselling can help parents and children understand one another better.

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